About Mega

Mega Chan - The Beginning

A gym created by players for players passionate about growing the pickleball and table tennis community.

Mega was created by Rick Gray and Andrew Ellis. The two owners were passionate about creating a table tennis gym on the west side of the cities, as they are both avid players. Luckily Rick’s mother-in-law insisted he give pickleball a try, and like the rest of us, he was soon hooked on the sport. Now a few years later, here we are!

Mega TOnka

After our Chanhassen location opened in March of 2022, it was less than 6 months before the search was on for a second location, as we quickly realized that 6 courts was not enough! The team was very excited to have Ellen Redmond join as a co-owner. She is a fellow pickleball enthusiast who shares in the passion and vision of Mega. 

Mega Tonka was secured by January of 2023, construction started in May, and the club opened to the public in September, 2023.

The Future of Mega

We hope to branch out even further around Minnesota, and potentially even the surrounding states, as the sport of Pickleball continues to explode in popularity.