Reserving a Court

Reserving a Court - The Basics

For those times when you and a group of family or friends would like to have a court to yourselves – what do you need to know?

Who Reserves?

Anyone can reserve a court. Whoever reserves the court pays Mega – if you are splitting the cost, you will need to collect from your friends. You can have up to 6 people on one court registration. Please have everyone in your group check in at the front desk when they arrive to sign waivers. 

When to Reserve

Reservations for courts open 7 days prior, at 9am. During our busy season, spots go very quickly.

Premium Advanced Reservations (Chan Only): You can break the 7 day reservation window at Chanhassen by emailing admin@megapickleandpong.com to request a premium reservation. Premium reservations cost $10 per hour more, and you may only have one outstanding at a time. For those times when you need a guarantee, this is your solution.

Larger parties

If you have a larger group, and need two or more courts, you need them to be together, and you want to secure them in advance, we offer Event reservations at both locations. See our Events page for more information as you decide which facility will best meet your needs.

How Do I Reserve a Court?

All court reservations happens through Court Reserve. If you don’t have a Court Reserve account yet, click HEREto get started with your free account!

Once you are in the app, click on Reservations>Book a Court. 

Be sure to reserve early during the busy season! Reservations open 7 days prior, at 9am.