Meet Our Instructors



As you progress your game it can difficult to identify your own opportunities for improvement. Jinny will help you become more aware of your game, get over plateaus, and become the high level player you are meant to be!

You will find Jinny at our Chanhassen location.


Whitey has been sharing pickleball skills and techniques for several years through private lessons. He will now bring those skills to our Intermediate classes at Mega. 

You will find Whitey at our Chanhassen location.


Joey can help take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned tournament player, on the edge of becoming a 4.0, or just looking to refine areas of your game, she is the coach for you.

You will find Joey at our Chanhassen location.


Are you looking to learn the basics of pickleball? Schedule time with Tim to hone your skills, learn to drill, and understand the basics of pickleball to move your game forward.

You will find Tim at our Chanhassen location.