Open Play

How Does Open Play Work?

Mega has a top-notch Open Play system, to give you the best possible experience each time you come to play!

Registration Limit

Our Open Play registration is limited to 6 players maximum per court. Registration is required. This limit reduces the wait time between games, so you can get the most play-time out of your session. 

Levels of Play

No one has fun when players are severely mis-matched in games! That is why Mega has set up levels of Open Play – so you can find the right group of players for your level. Currently, our levels of play include:

Beginner/Recreational: For those who are playing just for fun, and don’t mind helping out new players.

Intermediate/Rec Play: Recommended skill level is 3.0-3.75. For those who are playing for fun, but would prefer that all players are moderately skilled at the game.

3.5+ Play: For those competitive players with a skill level minimum of 3.5.  

4.0+ Play: For competitive players with a skill level minimum of 4.0. 

Mix and Match Playing

There are always people waiting to play for an Open Play, and many people sign up and come as individuals. Therefore, Mega requires that all players mix in to play with everyone present. When you complete a game, everyone should exit the court, and reorganize to allow those who have been sitting out to join in. 

When the Open Play is 3 courts or more, Mega Staff may help to keep the flow of games moving, and make sure everyone is mixing in.

Groups of friends who come together will need to break into pairs to mix up with others. If you want to stay with your larger group, we recommend renting a court instead of registering for Open Play.

How Do I Register?

All Open Play registration happens through Court Reserve. If you don’t have a Court Reserve account yet, click HEREto get started with your free account!

Once you are in the app, click on Events>Categories. Find your level of play (Beginner Rec, Intermediate Rec, etc.). Any category that ends in Play is your entrance to Open Play sessions. 

Be sure to register early during the busy season! Registration opens 10 days prior to each Open Play, at 9am.