Ladder Leagues

A ladder league is a format that helps to organize our competitive leagues. In a ladder league, players with relatively similar skills compete against each other in a structured format. The rungs on a ladder represent a player’s current position (ranking) relative to the other players. The top rung of the ladder represents the player or team currently ranked the highest, and the bottom rung represents the lowest rank. Each round of play, you will move up or down the ladder depending on how you played the last round. 

Hybrid Leagues

A hybrid league is a mix between a competitive league and a social league. Each week, the first round of play is randomized between roughly similar levels of play. The second round, court placement depends on how you played the first round. The purpose is to maximize the variety of people you get to play with, while still allowing for competition.

Social Leagues

A social league is a league that focuses on meeting new people and playing with a variety of players. Play is randomized each week, and each round if there are two rounds in a day. To maximize the enjoyment of this league, we specify a narrow skill level for the league, so all players are roughly at the same level of play. 

*Our leagues are sub-free. If you need to miss a week, just let us know in advance.*

Summer 2 Leagues
now available!

Our Summer 2 leagues run July 24th through September 1st.  The leagues fill up quickly, but we highly recommend signing up on the waitlists for any you are interested in, as we open up spots each week for drop in registration. We offer leagues for beginners to advanced intermediate players. Leagues are fun for everyone and offer more structured play and increased competition. They are also a great way to meet new people! We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Fall Leagues
Registration Begins
August 10th

We have a full lineup of fall leagues, with old favorites and new options at both locations!

Fall 1 Starts September 5th at Chanhassen, and September 10th at Minnetonka. For both locations, Fall 1 ends October 29th. 

Fall 2 registration will open in mid September. Fall 2 will run October 29 to December 14.