Ways to Play


Pickleball is all the rage, but how do you get started? How do you find people to play with if your friends aren’t playing yet? Can you start in a league as a beginner, or do you have to be a pretty good player first?

Mega offers convenient options for you to play, no matter what your style. Sign up for Open Play as a single player and meet new people. Reserve a court and bring up to 5 friends to play with you. Sign up for a class or book a lesson to improve your skills. 

If you haven’t created a Court Reserve account yet, start there! 

Open Play

We offer open play daily. Registration for an Open Play session (usually 2-2-1/2 hours long) allows 5 people per court, so you get a break periodically, but don’t have to wait forever to play. There is no need to worry about finding people to play with. Open Play sessions are grouped by skill level, so you can experience great play!

Court Reservation

We offer private court rentals in hour increments. Want to play with a group of friends or work on your skills? We’ve got you covered!

Your court reservation is for you and up to 5 others (max 6 per court). Most people come with a group of 4 or 5, but you can also work on drills with a friend, or book our ball machine to drill solo. 


Mega offers some of the best instructors of pickleball in the state! Try out a class today, and get started improving your skills!

Progression of Classes:


Journey to Intermediate


Journey to Advanced


If you aren’t sure what level is right for you, check in with our staff!


Leagues are one of our most popular ways to play. Joining a league guarantees you regular play time, with players roughly your skill level. Our leagues are staff managed and high quality. 

Try out a league today by signing up on a waitlist. When spots open up, you will be notified of an opening, and can register as a drop in – a great way to test it out!