Instruction at all levels

Beginner to Advanced

We strive to provide instructors tailored to every level of player from beginner to advanced. Mega offers class instruction throughout the week at a variety of levels. Register for all classes in Court Reserve, by clicking on the Book Now button above. Once you are in Court Reserve, click on Events>Categories> and then click on your desired instruction level. We also have private lessons available. See our instructor bios at the bottom of the page for information on rates and how to book.

Beginner Classes

Learn to Play Pickleball: This is a 75 minute class designed to give you everything you need to start playing today. You’ll learn the basic rules, how to score, and start playing your first games right away.

Beginner Practice and Play: This 90 minute class is for anyone who has learned the basics, but needs a refresher and/or guided play. You will focus on some of the beginner skills, and then put them into practice while the instructor gives tips on better serving, holding the paddle,  positioning, and more. 

Journey to Intermediate Classes

Practice and Play: This 90 minute class will focus on the basics of warming up, teach/refresh on one skill, and then spend the rest of the class time working on putting that skill into practice. The instructor will guide the play, and provide tips from the sidelines. Sometimes, they jump in as the 4th player. 

Skills and Drills: This 60-90 minute class will focus on one to two skills, and work on drills to improve those skills. The last 15 minutes may include time to play, but primarily, this is a drill class.

Journey to Advanced Classes

Skills and Drills: This 90 minute class will focus on drilling the skills you need the most, while the instructor coaches from the sidelines. 

Live Play Coaching: Play games while the instructor coaches from the sidelines. Get instant feedback as to what you are doing well and what you need to work on. 

Skills & Gameplay: This class is a practice and play at a higher level. 

Required Skill Level for Journey to Advanced Classes: 3.25 or higher

Advanced Classes

Skills and Drills: Drilling is the best way to improve. Learn the drills that Amrik uses, and put them into practice under his guidance.

Pro+ 3: This 90 minute class is for 3 players who will rotate through each having Amrik as a partner in play. Learn better playing habits by working in tandem with a player at a higher level.

Required Skill Level for Advanced Classes: 4.0 or higher

Meet our coaches


Learn about Dan here soon!


As you progress your game it can difficult to identify your own opportunities for improvement. Jinny will help you become more aware of your game, get over plateaus, and become the high level player you are meant to be!

You will find Jinny at our Chanhassen location.


Joey can help take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned tournament player, on the edge of becoming a 4.0, or just looking to refine areas of your game, she is the coach for you.

You will find Joey at our Chanhassen location.


Are you looking to learn the basics of pickleball? Schedule time with Tim to hone your skills, learn to drill, and understand the basics of pickleball to move your game forward.

You will find Tim at our Chanhassen location.

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Learn about our new instructors at Mega Tonka here soon!


Another Coach

Learn about this coach here soon!

You will find this coach at our Chanhassen location.